XXX亞洲金屬季 - 2016年終感謝祭

XXX亞洲金屬季 - 2016年終感謝祭之免費送你看2017!


特別企劃為大家介紹來自北海道札幌的HOWLING STAR!

傳統重金屬風格混合摩登旋律元素的HOWLING STAR可是由大家熟悉的Iron Attack / Lightning團長IRON-CHINO強力推薦!


另外同場加映,明年3/4「XXX亞洲金屬季 2017第一章」首波攻勢,將由我們的好朋友YAMA-B第三度率領日式力量金屬樂團GUNBRIDGE來台演出!

為了感謝大家一直以來對XXX亞洲金屬季的支持!凡購買年底12/3 HOWLING STAR演唱會門票的朋友,憑票根將免費送你們去看2017年3月4日的GUNBRIDGE的演唱會門票!

沒錯!就是免 費!!!




XXX ASIA METAL FEST – 2016 Annual Celebration

Do you wanna listen Japanese heavy metal band which break through frozen environment with powerful enthusiastic melody?

This special project we introduce HOWLING STAR the Japanese power metal band from Sapporo, Hokaido which strongly recommend by our well-known friend Iron-Chino the leader of Iron Attack / Lightning, their first performance in Taiwan will be show up on 12/3.

It also the first announcement of  "XXX ASIA METAL FEST – 2017 CH1" on next year, our best friend YAMA-B the leader of Japanese power metal band GUNBRIDGE will be back to Taiwan on their third time performance!

From our appreciation to the fans who supported XXX ASIA METAL series! This time anyone who bought “XXX ASIA METAL FEST – 2016 Annual Celebration” ticket, you can also watch  "XXX ASIA METAL FEST – 2017 CH1" on next year for “FREE”!

YES! It's "FREE" !

This opportunity comes once only! Please don't miss out!

More tickets information and line up are coming soon.



『來自北國的猛獸--Howling Star』
由團長兼鼓手的TONOKI所領軍的北海道札幌樂團HOWLING STAR。喜歡LOUDNESS或EARTH SHAKER傳統80重金屬風格的朋友千萬不能錯過!音樂上同時完美融合近代流行音樂旋律!來自冰天雪地的HOWLING STAR將會讓大家的內心熱血起來

『勢不可擋的野獸 -- Endtrocity 暴行終止』
破壞力十足的硬蕊金屬之聲吶喊這扭曲黑暗的社會!沒有人能阻止這股失控的暴戾氣息! 沒有任何人能阻擋「暴行終止」!

『探索內心世界的詩人 -- Psychic Clef』
使用美式搖滾和金屬為基礎融合不同曲風去譜寫內心靈魂深處喜怒哀樂的Psychic Clef,用音樂去探索思考自己的生活態度! 歡迎來到「譜號」的內心世界!

『永不放棄希望的勇者 -- Gentle Model』
「覺醒吧! 你一定可以找到戰鬥的意義!」,身為台灣小「坂本英三」的EL所率領的愛與希望的日式傳統重金屬勇者「Gentle Model」! 一起在舞台和「Gentle Model」奮戰吧!


"The Northen Monster - HOWLING STAR"

Hokaido band HOWLING STAR who formed by TONOKI the band leader with drummer. Music style similar as LOUDENSS or EARTH SHAKER who played 80s traditional Japanese heavy metal style, but they perfectly hybrid with modern pop melody sound. HOWLING STAR came from the frozen world will ignite your bottom of the heart.

"Unstoppable beast – ENDTROCITY”
Aggressive hardcore metal sound to shout this twisted darkness society! Nobody can’t stop this unstoppable violence, because they are “ENDTROCITY”!​

"The poet who search inner world – PSYCHIC CLEF”
Psychic Clef used the root of hard rock and metal to mix the different rhythms which describe deepest soul of emotion; it also use the music to discover their own life attitude. Welcome to inside of “Psychic Clef”!

"The braver with hope – GENTLE MODEL”
"Wake up! You can find the meaning of fight!", EL a little Taiwanese Eizo who lead traditional Japanese heavy metal squad “GENTLE MODEL” with love and hope! Let’s fight together with “GENTLE MODEL” at the stage!

小地方展演空間 APAMINI / 台北市中正區杭州南路一段147號

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